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Message from
the Executives


“Member cities of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) were brought together by the belief that a common pattern of development around the energy sector could create unique opportunities for collaboration in economic development.

Our members know that energy is more than just an industry: it is an essential aspect of modern development, sustaining the ever growing movement of people and commodities throughout the world, supporting millions of jobs and funding the scientists, educators, and engineers who continuously push the boundaries of innovation.”

Mike Savage – President of the WECP and Mayor of the City of Halifax


“Our primary focus as members of the WECP is on encouraging collaboration between our member cities in areas such as energy sector innovation and diversification, education and cultural exchanges, underpinned by a desire to ensure that our communities benefit from the opportunities that we have as global energy capitals.

We are always keen to engage with industry, the academic sector and civic and third sector leaders to promote the longer-term benefits that energy cities deliver and to explore sustainable solutions to city growth in a dynamic global economy.

The WECP is an inclusive partnership whose core members bring with them a whole host of other sector, commercial and professional networks and connections. These networks extend the WECP’s reach so that we are continuously learning about new projects and initiatives to inform our strategic priorities.”

Barney Crockett — Vice President of the WECP and Lord Provost of Aberdeen


“Over 20 years ago, the City of Houston helped found the WECP to create a forum where global leaders can discuss strategies and help our energy powered cities prosper.

Today, the WECP is led by 19 mayors, striving to improve the lives of their citizens through collaborations related to energy development, education, and green initiatives.

Despite a fluctuating market, one thing remains clear: the world is still hungry for energy. How we source that energy will continue to evolve. As it does, so must our cities and our partnership. That’s why it’s more important than ever that the WECP focuses on three things in the years ahead: innovation, inclusive growth, and resilience.”

Sylvester Turner — Secretary General of the WECP and Mayor of Houston